Hi Everyone,

I wanted to make you aware of several changes to Saturday’s program.

  • Cengage Learning, an electronic textbook publisher, will have an information/demonstration area in Room 218. You can find them along the hallway where the Media Commons and Education Gaming Commons rooms are located.
  • The two sessions schedule for Room 211 will now take place in Room 108. They are:

Digital Stories as Counter-Texts: Multimodal Critical Literacy in Practice
Kira Baker-Doyle
9:45-10:30 AM (p9)

Connecting Across Penn State: Using New Technologies to Build Faculty Communities
Angela Linse, Jim Leous, Bill Mountz
10:45-11:30 AM (p11)

Angela, Jim, and Bill will be available for the remainder of the day Room 108 for anyone interested in learning more about their initiative

  • Changes to the Poster Session (p16).
  • The following poster was added:

e-Learning: Using Adobe Presenter and Adobe Captivate to Create Video Tutorials, Michael, R. Mohney

  • The following poster was withdrawn:

Get Closer to the Customer: Creating a Senior-Friendly Environment, Terry Clemente

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