The Symposium planning team invites Penn State faculty, students, and staff to create and share a brief video about community engagement, the theme of this year’s event. Your video will appear on the Symposium website at

We are not looking for time-consuming, highly polished productions, but rather a short video of you (or you and a colleague) in front of a camera sharing your thoughts from your unique perspective.


Length: In the range of 10 seconds to several minutes

Content: In your video, try to address one or more of the following questions.

  • In my area, community engagement is _____ or impacts _____.
  • How does community engagement impact you in your field as you interact with your students and/or colleagues?
  • What have you learned from your experiences of community collaboration?
  • Have you solved a problem, taught each other, or created something new by working with a community?
  • If you are using technology for community engagement, how are you going about it?
  • What are you using to facilitate community engagement–traditional face-to-face interaction, Twitter, blogs, YouTube, or other means?
  • How do you or your organization engage a community (faculty, students, alumni, researchers, K-12 students or teachers, people at other universities, people in a geographical area, etc.)?

Method of production: You can record yourself talking in front of a web cam or small Flip-type camera. You can optionally add images, music, etc. if you are so inspired, but this is not a requirement. It is not necessary for you to have access to a high-end video camera.

Method to share your finished video: If you have an account at, you can upload your video there, making sure to tag it with tltsym11, then e-mail the video link to If you do not have a YouTube account, send an e-mail letting us know you have completed a video and we will work with you on a method to share it. In either case, in your e-mail, please include the following information.

  • Name
  • Title (e.g., assistant professor of history)
  • College/campus

How to obtain help: If you are interested in creating a video but lack a camera or need help with production or getting the finished video to the Symposium team, you can make an appointment with a Media Commons consultant. To do so, e-mail or phone 866-266-7496 Monday through Friday.

Please be aware that in addition to being posted on the Symposium website, part or all of your video may be shown the day of the event, and portions may be copied for use in a compilation of video submissions. All submitted videos will be assigned a Creative Commons license specifying they may be shared freely for educational purposes.

We look forward to hearing your thoughts on community engagement from your unique viewpoint.

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