The second in our series of Symposium Stories,
brief podcast previews of Symposium sessions, is with Davis Shaver.

Photo of Davis Shaver with computer

Photo by Stefan Choquette

Davis is an undergraduate liberal arts student and creator
of the Penn State newsblog
Onward State. Davis
is part of a panel titled “Different Views on Educational Technology.” The
panel will look at the differing and similar views and expectations of learning
technologies at Penn State. They will discuss things like what is and is not
working with educational technology, best practices they have observed, and the
gap between faculty and students in their views on this technology.

Screen Shot of the Onward State site

In fact, the reason Davis came up with this panel was to attempt to bridge this
gap by showcasing faculty and student opinions on educational technology. The
panel participants will discuss attitudes and ideas on educational technology, and shine a
light on how educational technology is used in teaching and learning at Penn

To listen to the podcast and find out more about the panel, please click on this link: Symposium Stories Davis Shaver podcast.mp3

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