accessibility presents challenges. But it is a necessary one to ensure that
everyone can benefit from a higher education, and online learning is no

At this
year’s Symposium, Andrea Gregg, senior instructional designer with World
Campus, is leading the World Campus Panel on Learning Design Projects and
Initiatives.The panel will focus on three subjects: how World Campus is
handling the accessibility needs in their course designs and for their
students; learning management system (LMS) reviews for fully online distance
education courses; and the merging of teaching methods and audiences in an IST
course from a faculty perspective.

Photo of Andrea Gregg

Andrea Gregg

For this
edition of Symposium Stories, Jamie Oberdick of Teaching and Learning with
Technology and Gregg focused on the accessibility aspect of the panel. Gregg
discussed how the World Campus incorporates accessibility needs into course
design, why it is important, and gave a few examples of accessibility that

To listen to
the podcast, please go here: Symposium Stories Andrea Gregg.mp3.


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