2015 Videos

Elevator Pitches As in Symposium year’s past, we’ve asked our session presenters to produce video elevator pitches. What’s an elevator pitch? It’s a short statement used to quickly define something and state its value. Some of our fantastic presenters have recorded Symposium elevator pitches that give you a preview of what they will talk about, […]

2014 Video Archive

#tltsym14 hashtag text for the 2014 TLT Symposium

Keynotes Daniel Pink Daniel Pink is the author of five provocative books about the changing world of work, including the long-running New York Times best seller A Whole New Mind, and the #1 New York Times best seller Drive. His books have been translated into 33 languages.His latest book, To Sell Is Human: The Surprising […]

2013 Video Archive

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Keynotes Frans Johansson is the best-selling author of The Medici Effect: Breakthrough Insights at the Intersection of Ideas, Concepts and Cultures. In this talk, Frans Johansson takes us on a fascinating journey to the Intersection: a place where ideas from different fields and cultures meet and collide, ultimately igniting an explosion of extraordinary new innovations. See […]

2012 Video Archive

Keynote Jane McGonigal Our speaker this year was Jane McGonigal, director of game research and development at the Institute for the Future, a nonprofit futures research group based in Palo Alto, California, and creative director at SocialChocolate.com, a game development startup. McGonigal, who holds a Ph.D. in performance studies, is the author of the New […]

2011 Video Archive

Keynote Clay Shirky Our keynote speaker this year was Clay Shirky, writer, consultant, and teacher on new technology and social media. Clay is a provocative new voice on all things Internet: social networks and media, economics and culture, connected communities, and the open-source movement. He divides his time among consulting, teaching, and writing on the […]