Partnering with COIL to bring you the 2015 TLT Symposium

Center for Online Innovation in Learning logoThe Center for Online Innovation in Learning (COIL), will co-sponsor the annual TLT Symposium for the second year. COIL seeks to improve learning through the creation of new methods and technologies while engaging the Penn State community.


COIL activities at the Symposium

A selection of COIL Research Initiation Grant projects will be featured in the COIL Links area as well as represented in the presentations. Additionally, COIL will co-sponsor the Symposium Keynote speaker, Dr. Eric Mazur, as part of the COIL Fischer Speaker series, along with a special track of COIL breakout sessions.

Learn more about COIL

COIL sponsors a variety of activities directed toward creating a culture of research and development in online innovation to improve learning. Please visit for additional information on events and programs.

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