Hi Everyone,

Over the past several years, Symposium attendees have been using their digital cameras, cell phones, and other devices to take some wonderful ‘in the moment’ pictures capturing the spirit of the day.  Thanks to the magic of Flickr we’ve been able to tag them with psutlt and build a collective memory, full of hundreds of pictures, of what the event means to us all.

This year we thought we’d spice it up a bit by introducing a “photo hunt” game element to all the image capturing going on. Symposium attendees who want to play the game form teams of two and
take pictures of several different locations or activities throughout
the day. They will upload those pictures to Flickr, tag with psutlt,
and release under a creative commons license. For more information about the game, see the 2010 Symposium Photo Hunt Game wiki page for details and official game rules. And remember to smile and say, “Cheese!”

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