The Symposium schedule, including presentation descriptions, is now available. This year, participants can use an online scheduling application to customize their schedule for the day and to view it on any of a number of mobile devices. To access the schedule:

  1. Visit the Symposium site at and from the top menu select Conference > Schedule.
  2. To view details on any session, move your cursor over the title. By default the schedule is shown in Simple view. On the right side of the page, you can change the view by selecting Detailed, Grid, or Print.
  3. To customize your schedule according to the sessions you wish to attend, you need to log in with a account. To create a account, select the Sign up link in the upper right.
  4. Once you are logged in, you can select the check box next to each session you plan to attend.
  5. If you also wish to add a social networking flavor to your schedule, you can establish a connection between your Twitter, Facebook, and/or LinkedIn account and your account. This will allow you to see which sessions your connections have chosen. To do so, select the Settings link in the upper right. In the social section, click the Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn icon. You will need to log in to the social network you have chosen and allow it access to Refresh your browser. When you select the People link, your connections will be listed under My Friends.

Note: To receive further Symposium updates, if you use an RSS news reader such as Google Reader, you can subscribe to the news feed while visiting the Symposium website by clicking the orange RSS feed icon in the address bar.

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