The TLT Symposium Media Team will, like last year, record each Symposium session for later playback for those that visit this website. However, we will be using a new recording technology to do these recordings that is much simpler than last year’s use of Camtasia Relay. For the 2013 Symposium sessions, we have collaborated with others in TLT to offer the recording solution of the Crestron Capture-HD Box. This solution keeps up with the current trends of presenters utilizing¬†devices such as iPads to do their presentations.

The Crestron Capture solution is rather simple: presenters will simply plug into the projector like any other presentation they would give, only in between their device and the projector will be the recording device. The Crestron Capture Box will automatically capture their voice and their screen. The recording should be more reliable than ever while also decreasing the need for technical intervention and staff time during the symposium.

You will also be able to find a recording of the Keynote & Lunch time speaker on this site after the symposium. In addition, every session in Room 207 will be streamed live here on the website, so if you are unable to make it the TLT Symposium this year, be sure to check the site live during the day to participate remotely. After the event, you can then return to this site and either see what you missed or refresh your memory on what you did see.

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