One Button Studio

I am excited to see all that is in store for this jam packed day.  We are just weeks away from the 2013 TLT Symposium.  The final touches are being put into place for all the technology needs.  I am looking forward to seeing all of the mobile devices being used in the interactive sessions.  iPads, Clickers, Doceri, laptops, and you will not want to miss the panel sessions.

Don’t forget to stop by the Demo area.  You can’t miss it on the way to get a slushy.  In the am time frame, check out One Button Studio, Training Services and what services are being offered, and Word Press.   Schreyer Institute consultants will be on hand to discuss their on line modules that address many topics.  The Library Scholar Sphere will host an area to share its research and scholarly work with a worldwide audience.

Topping off the demo area for the afternoon, you will have a look into iTunes U, iBook, and Podcasting, Yammer, Doceri and Turnitin.  You will be able to continue to visit with Training Services on the vast amount of trainings they can provide, along with how a Tech Tutor can be of assistance to you.

Grab another slushy to finish off the day and head over to The TLT Experience room and the MOOCs panel.

Slushie Machine

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