This year the TLT Symposium theme is “Engaging the Future and the Culture of Teaching and Learning with Technology,” and the members of the Symposium Team are committed, living it out long before the day of the event. The Symposium is a chance for the vibrant and diverse TLT community to come together to collaborate, innovate, share, connect, and reflect, and we want to make sure that the Symposium cultivates and facilitates these activities the best that it can.

In order to do this we are conducting a series of online and in-person focus groups to hear from you about why you come to the Symposium, what you think it does well, what might need a little work, what activities you would like to see offered Friday evening, how you would like to receive communications about the Symposium, and more. Please consider taking a little time to share your ideas, feedback, and suggestions with us.

The information we gather from you and other attendees will be put into a report that will help us both enhance the Symposium experience for attendees and better communicate information about the event out to attendees and potential attendees. We will be sharing this information here on our website so that you can also see what your colleagues collectively had to say about the Symposium. We value your input and know that the Symposium would not be what it is without the support and passion of the community that surrounds it!

See below to find out more and register for the different focus group we will be conducting:

In-Person Focus Groups
We are hosting a series of one-hour in-person focus groups, two face-to-face and two online via Adobe Connect. A pizza lunch will be provided for the face-to-face sessions. We would like your permission to record this meeting at your discretion. The face-to-face sessions will each be capped at 10 people and the Adobe Connect sessions will each be capped at 5 people. Please click on the link to register for the focus group.

Online Focus Group Form
Even if you can’t attend an in person focus group we’d love to hear your thoughts. We’ve put together a focus group form that is made up of many of the same questions that we will be asking in the in-person focus groups. Please consider taking a few minutes to fill out the following form by clicking above or by visiting:

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