Teaching and Learning with Technology (TLT) is thrilled to announce that the second keynote speaker for the 2014 Penn State Symposium for Teaching with Technology will be Dr. Robbie Melton, associate vice chancellor of mobilization and emerging technology with the Tennessee Board of Regents. Dr. Melton will close the Symposium with a high-energy keynote that will take a unique look at the role of mobile technology in education. Throughout her forty years in the field of education, Dr. Melton has received numerous teaching and technology awards and acclaims. Some of the most recent include: 2013 Apple Distinguished Educator, 2012 Top Fifty Technology Innovation Educator from the Center for Digital Education and Converge, 2012 International ELES4-Africa Educator Technologist, WCET WOW Education Technology Award, Tennessee Board of Regents 2011 Catalyst Leadership Award, 2010 IMS Global Learning Leadership, and the 2010 MERLOT Educational Leadership Higher Education System Level, among many others.

Dr. Melton has published and presented around the nation about the impact and value of mobilization for education and the workforce. She has even acquired a new moniker as an “Appologist”, due to her study of the pedagogy and best teaching practices with mobilization, quality standards for the utilization of mobile apps, and for her creation of the Mobile App Education and Workforce Resource Center.

The symposium is sponsored by Information Technology Services and the Center for Online Innovation in Learning.

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