By Ryan Wetzel, Symposium Media Committee Chair

Over the coming weeks leading up to the 2014 TLT Symposium, interested attendees will find a series of videos previewing the presenters and topics that will be discussed, celebrated, and scrutinized. These videos are created by the presenters in collaboration with the Symposium Media Team and are designed to engage everyone in the topics being shared

Need help deciding on just which one of the many amazing sessions you will go to in person? The videos will be just the thing to excite and entice you to begin figuring out your 2014 TLT Symposium conference schedule. In addition, these videos will be playing throughout the event itself so you can get a preview of what will be discussed during the next round of sessions and hopefully help attendees make last-minute decisions on what to engage with next.

The videos will begin appearing on the Symposium website soon so keep an eye out! We hope you enjoy watching them as much as the presenters and the Media Team have enjoyed making them.
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