Portrait of 2014 TLT Symposium afternoon keynote speaker Robbie Melton

Five Questions with Robbie Melton

We are very excited to close the 2014 TLT Symposium on an upbeat note with our Afternoon Keynote Speaker, Dr. Robbie Melton, associate vice chancellor of mobilization and emerging technology with the Tennessee Board of Regents. Dr. Melton will close the Symposium with a high-energy keynote that will take a unique look at the role of mobile technology in education. Known as an “Appologist”, Dr. Melton will pepper her presentation with demos of various mobile applications, many of which you will see for the first time at the Symposium!

We recently had an opportunity to do a brief interview with Dr. Melton on mobile apps for learning, and her Keynote at the Symposium:

On what subject or subjects will you be presenting at the Symposium?

“The Educational Impact of Mobile Emerging Technologies and Apps”

What five words would describe the attendee experience at one of your Keynotes?

Informative, Engaging, Interactive, Amazing, APPing

What is your background in mobile learning technology?

Administrator for Strategic Mobilization Planning, Advocate, Faculty Trainer, Researcher, and the first recognized App-oloigst, which is a person that researches the impact of mobile devices and apps.

Why are mobile learning applications important for teaching and learning?

Mobile applications provide “On-Demand and in your Hands” teaching, learning, and training opportunities.

If you had to pick one, what’s your favorite all-time app?

Word Lens gives you translation on the go with no network required. Results appear immediately on your video screen when you need it, anywhere in the world, and it’s available for both iOS and Androids.

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