What is the TLT Symposium?

The Penn State Symposium for Teaching and Learning with Technology is an annual event bringing together people and ideas that transform education.

Who presents at the Symposium?

The Symposium is intended to be a for-faculty, by-faculty event. We would like each presentation to be led by at least one faculty member, but staff and students can be part of the presentation in a supporting role.

Who can attend the Symposium?

The Symposium is mainly targeted to Penn State faculty, although instructional designers, education technologists, and multimedia developers also attend. Graduate students who are teaching courses or who are part of Symposium presentations are also invited to attend. At this time, the Symposium is not open to people outside of Penn State.

Who should attend?

Attending the Symposium will be of value to you if you are a Penn State faculty or staff member and you:

  • Use technology in your course to enhance teaching and learning
  • Wish to learn more about education technology to potentially use in a course
  • Wish to discuss uses of technologies for teaching and accompanying issues with your peers
  • Help design resident, online, or hybrid courses
  • Are interested in the impact that the creation and consumption of multimedia has on learning
  • Wish to explore the impact and future direction of technologies such as blogs, social media, online learning, multimedia, etc. in the educational sphere

What does it cost to attend the Symposium?

There is no registration cost to the Symposium, but if you are traveling from another campus, you will have to cover your travel and lodging costs.

Are funds available to support travel for people who are not at the University Park campus?

We have some funds available to support the travel of people who would like to present at the Symposium. So if you think you may have trouble affording the travel and lodging costs, you may want to put together a session proposal. This also helps the University Park faculty and staff understand the unique needs that arise at the other campus locations.

Are recordings of the sessions available?

Yes. During the Symposium, we make video recordings of the keynote and select sessions of the breakout sessions that are then posted on the Symposium site for later viewing.

Who organizes the Symposium?

The Symposium is organized by Teaching and Learning with Technology, a group that focuses on working with faculty to enhance their teaching, learning, and research.

Who should I ask if I have additional questions beyond what is covered here?

If you have additional questions, please send them to tltsymposium@psu.edu